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Esthederm Suncare

With high summer temperatures and sunny skies at our doorstep, protecting your skin with the best products available is a must. Institut Esthederm have created the most effective product range and routine to keep your skin safe from harmful UVA and UBV damage while combining all the added skincare benefits.

Institut Esthederm was founded by Jean-Noël Thorel, a French biological pharmacist and cell specialist, who has formulated and researched many multi-use products based on sun protection, allowing us to optimize our tan while giving our skin the protection it needs, and preventing sun-induced aging.

Here are five of the products in the sun protection range and their steps that I love using:

Cellular Water Mist

This Hyaluronic Acid enriched facial mist replicated the water that is found in the skin to replenish and revitalize skin. Not only is it balanced with mineral salts and trace elements, this product provides the skin with the perfect hydration boost.

Sun Expert SPF 50+

Sun Expert Cream protects the skin from UV rays and sun exposure, preventing pigmentation. This cream events out the complexion by preventing the development of new dark spots while reducing the appearance of existing ones.

Bronz Impulse

This hydrating facial and body spray prepares the skin for sun exposure. It activates your natural skin defenses and melanin production, optimizing and accelerating the tanning process.

City Spray

This hydrating mist reinforces the skin’s natural defenses against environmental factors. City Spray protects the skin from urban stress and pollution, dirt and debris. This product also prevents photo-aging and inflammation-induced aging.

Adaptasun Silky Body Mist

Adaptasun Silky Body Mist is a protective mist for the body that optimizes a natural tan. This mist is formulated with oils, so that the skin is nourished while being protected from the sun. The skin is left feeling hydrated, soft and ready for the tanning process.

All these products work amazingly together in their specific routine advised by Institut Esthederm:

Step 1 - Prep Skin:

Preparing the skin with Cellular Water Mist and Bronz Impulse to activate the skin’s natural defenses and melanin production, optimizing the tanning process. Bronz Impulse can be applied up to one week before sun exposure and applied underneath Sun Expert in the following step.

Step 2 - Care:

Using Sun Expert SPF 50+, AdaptaSun Mist and City Spray, protect, prevent the skin and lock the protection in place. Apply Sun Expert 15 minutes before sun exposure and apply every 2 hours.

All of these products have definitely helped me protect my skin all year round, not just in the summer. These products can be purchased by checking your local stockist via the Institut Esthederm’s website.

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